The Problem

The school district’s primary responsibility is to ensure students meet the curriculum benchmarks dictated by their state departments of education. However, meeting this responsibility is becoming more difficult in the face of the following trends:

NOT the Solution

Teachers are spending countless hours a week searching for lessons on Internet sites; then, they are, in effect, being asked to stitch those 1-3 day, supplementary lessons, into a 180-day, comprehensive, coherent, cohesive curricular experience. This transitional solution is not effective, desirable nor sustainable!

The Collabrify.IT Solution

Building on the proven science curriculum published by J.M. LeBel Publishers, Collabrify.IT provides schools and teachers with comprehensive, semester-long digital science curricula for 1:1 classrooms. Using a “blended learning model”, Collabrify.IT’s science curricula (e.g., chemistry, environmental science, earth science) is correlated to state benchmarks, is straightforward to implement and teachers can use it as is or readily adapt/expand/augment it. Here are some unique benefits of Collabrify.IT’s fully digital solution:

The Team

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We are showcasing our innovative, comprehensive digital curriculum in pilot projects around the country! If your school is interested in participating in our pilot program, you can contact us directly via email at

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